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Chris D’Elia speaks out months after sexual misconduct accusations …

Chris D’Elia has spoken out following months of silence on the sexual misconduct allegations made against him last year. In a video posted to his YouTube channel on Friday, the comedian admitted to having an unhealthy relationship with sex and that it “controlled” his life.

“First of all, I do know how it looks,” D’Elia said in the video. “I know it looks bad, and it doesn’t show the full scope of what happened.”

Last year, the comedian was accused of grooming and pursuing underage girls, and of exposing himself to multiple women without their consent. In line with his previous statements, D’Elia maintained that all of his relationships “have been consensual and legal”; however, he also stated that his attitude toward sex was inappropriate and that he has been seeking treatment following the allegations.

“What I have come to understand is, this was always about sex to me. My life was — I mean sex, it controlled my life,” D’Elia said. “It was my focus, all the time. And I had a problem, and I do have a problem… I need to do work on that.”

He added that he felt “lucky” to not “need to work as hard” to have sex once he began doing stand-up comedy, and that he would simply reply to messages after shows, telling women, “‘Hey, come to my hotel room and let’s have sex. Let’s make out. Let’s do this, let’s do that.'” Read from source….