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Why Texas’ power outages are plaguing California, and Ted Cruz is …

The power grid problems plaguing Texas as the state endures unseasonably frigid temperatures have struck vulnerable Californians and their doctors, too.

That’s because the primary data center for Medi-Cal, which provides health insurance for millions of the Golden State’s low-income residents, is located deep in the heart of Texas. Dallas, to be exact. Like large swaths of the Lone Star state, the data center was hit by a power outage, which temporarily shut down Medi-Cal’s website and affected operations from just after midnight on Monday through early Wednesday morning.

According to California’s Department of Health Care Services, the outage affected access to the website and transactions.

The power woes are also sparking a comeuppance for some Texas politicians who just months ago were slagging California for its trouble keeping the lights on this summer during a heat wave. But while some of Silicon Valley’s iconic companies like Oracle and HP have been uprooting their headquarters for the rival state in recent months, it wasn’t widely known that some state agencies in Sacramento have been storing data in places like Dallas.

The California Medical Association, which notified members of the problem on its website, said the failure hit “the Medi-Cal website and self-serve applications that support eligibility, treatment authorization and claim submission.”

The organization also said DHCS was “reminding physicians and pharmacy providers to honor emergency-fill and dispensing protocols during this time…To the extent permitted by federal law, provide for the dispensing of at least a 72-hour supply of a covered drug in an emergency situation.” Read from source….