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Romney thanks Officer Goodman for leading him to safety in Capitol riot

• New video shows Officer Eugene Goodman leading Sen. Mitt Romney to safety during the Capitol riot.
• Goodman had previously been hailed as a hero for leading the pro-Trump mob away from the Senate chamber.
• After seeing the new video during Trump’s impeachment trial, Romney said he thanked Goodman.
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Sen. Mitt Romney told reporters he thanked Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman for leading him to safety during the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

A newly released video, presented Wednesday during the Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, showed Romney walking down a hallway in the Capitol, before being passed by a running Goodman who immediately directs the senator to go the other direction to avoid the mob that had just breached the building.

Romney was seen later Wednesday speaking with Goodman in the Senate chamber, CNN reported.

“I expressed my appreciation to him for coming to my aid and getting me back into the path of safety and expressed my appreciation for all that he did that day, and he took me through his full day,” Romney said, according to CNN. Read from source….