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Review: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Super Mario 3D World holds a special place in my heart for several reasons; but chiefly, it was the first game I covered as the head of reviews at Destructoid. That was nearly eight years ago.

As I stated with many, many words, it quickly cemented itself as one of the best modern Mario games ever made, but a lot of folks were quick to mention that they had no intention of owning a Wii U.

Well, now you have no excuse!

Super Mario 3D World didn’t get the recognition it deserved on Wii U. It was slept on. Disrespected even, just like Luigi is routinely disrespected by Nintendo. But now it’s back on a platform that wasn’t forgotten shortly after launch (burn). People will remember it this time.

I’m only going to briefly talk about 3D World here because it’s mostly the same as the 2013 original I extensively covered in my original review. It’s still great, mind you! And with online play, it’ll be even easier to rope others in. The mechanical “speed increase,” while subtle at first, really makes a difference on a heap of levels and brings 3D World up a notch, action-wise.

It still has everything that made me fall in love the first time. Strong and varied level design. Fantastic and interactive power-ups. And the option for multiplayer that feels less cramped than some of the other 2D offerings. But enough about 3D World, let’s talk about Bowser’s Fury, since a lot of you are probably dying to know what it even is. Read from source….