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Digging Into Destiny 2’s Biggest Season Of The Chosen Secret

I think the general consensus for Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is that it’s starting off pretty strong. Perhaps not necessarily with the activities, as Battlegrounds are fine, but nothing especially groundbreaking. But definitely in terms of the loot chase, with a ton of new, good items to go after and a wide range of places to find them.

We know a certain amount about what’s coming this season from the roadmap. Two new Battlegrounds and one new Strike, but also a promised Tex Mechanica “redacted” exotic quest.

The only thing that’s been publicly revealed about the exotic quest is that it has something to do with the ship seen below, as that was labeled as part of the “exotic quest” in the press kit. But that’s it, there are no other public details from Bungie itself. Read from source….