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[Update: Fixed] Google apps on iOS are showing sign-in warnings amid lack of updates

Google hasn’t updated the vast majority of its iOS services since December. Those apps are now throwing up “This app is out of date” messages when attempting a Google sign-in.

Update: About an hour after this issue came to light, Google removed the warning. All sign-in attempts immediately proceed to the password entry field.

This warning (spotted by Spencer Dailey) appears after you enter your email address in apps that have not seen an update since mid-December. This includes Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, Maps, Photos, and Drive. Users can “Continue” to enter their password, but many after seeing the message would be inclined to visit the App Store and look for a new version.

At the end of last month, we reported that the company updated three applications (Fiber, Play Movies & TV, and Translate). On those Google apps, there is no “out of date” warning, while Google Workspace/G Suite addresses do not generate this error. Read from source….