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Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Ask You Follow-Up Questions

Responding to demands from consumers for “an Alexa, but make it talk even more,” Amazon announced on Wednesday that its latest digital assistant model will be able to infer a user’s “latent goals,” and will use those to pose follow-up questions to users .

If you ask your new Alexa how long it takes to cook an over-easy egg, Alexa will tell you that it takes roughly 1 1/2 minutes—and then ask you if you’d like to set a timer.

According to Amazon, the update involves algorithmic tweaks and a deep learning model that will allow the device to evolve based on its relationship to the user. If you’re asking Alexa about how to cook eggs every morning and always opting to set the timer, Alexa’s discovery model will use active learning to improve its predictions and more accurately conclude whether or not you want to know when those 1 1/2 minutes are up. Read from source….