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Sony Hosts Spectacular Light Show at Headquarters to Celebrate PS5 Launch

@NEStalgia Very true, I know here in the UK at least, as is historically the case, the Xbox pre order numbers are ridiculously small in comparison to the PS5 (usually the case anyway for the UK and many parts of Europe).

So as you say, if both retailers and couriers, especially in Europe are struggling to get some Xbox orders out, they’re definitely going to be struggling to get PS5 pre orders out.

We shall never have Microsoft and Sony agree to launch months apart, nor will we have retail and couriers invest in their systems until the board members start feeling the burn.

With record sales of consoles, and record sales of online items keeping couriers busier than ever, I think it’ll be a long time until anything changes.

Though I got my PS5 early, I wanted to pick up another for my daughter, and an Xbox for a joke for my sister who would hate me for it. But I wanted to put the Xbox in my PS5 box and prank her.

We have a long standing history of making a joke out of Christmas. (sorry Christians, no offense intended).

Yet with how everything has gone, not to be all cheesy and such, but I feel I’d rather people who really will have their year made by these boxes deserve them first. So I’ve left ordering another PS5 and Xbox. For now. Read from source….