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This woman entrepreneur’s startup collects used cooking oil to convert into biodiesel

We are all aware that reusing cooking oil has harmful effects on health.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) announced in 2019 that restaurants or eateries will no longer be able to reuse cooking oil more than three times. The FSSAI has also stated that any cooking oil found to have total polar compounds of more than 25 percent cannot be “topped up with fresh oil”.

This was a welcome move that sought to curb the use of adulterated cooking oil in restaurants all over India. The question what could be done with the used oil prompted husband-wife duo Kirti and Sushil Vaishnav to start KNP Arises Green Energy.

The Delhi-based startup collects oil from FBOs (food business operators) so that it can be converted into biodiesel. It also offers a comprehensive range of environmental services that include helping companies with a supply of blended biodiesel, industrial tank cleaning, recycling all types of agricultural and blood waste, and a biogas anaerobic digestion facility, among others.

Hailing from Bundi district in Rajasthan, Kirti and Sushil have experiences spanning 15 years in various industries, both in India and abroad.

Sushil has a BTech in food tech and an MBA in operations, while Kirti is an electronics engineer. Both have worked in the supply chain management and procurement sectors. They were joined by a friend Ravi Jain, who has BTech degree in food tech and an MBA in finance with over 15 years’ experience in corporates and incubating startups.

Kirti believes green energy is the only sustainable energy of the future. Read from source….