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How Entrepreneurs Can Foster An Inclusive Culture In Their Startups (From Day One)

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In the midst of launching a startup, one of the crucial components entrepreneurs need to think about is company culture, and the atmosphere they would like to foster as they build their organization. Inclusion is one such criteria that needs to be at the top of the list for any startup. An inclusive work environment means including people of determination and those with additional learning needs, people from backgrounds different than yours, and an equal gender divide. An inclusive work environment makes your company “two times as likely to meet or exceed financial targets” with reduced employee turnover.

If you are looking to build and foster an inclusive culture from the get-go in your organization, here are some ways you can:

1. Mission and vision Start off with setting your company’s mission and vision for its team. What is the company culture you want to create? What is your company’s ethos? And within it, how can you ensure you’re building an inclusive environment? Are you actively looking for diverse employees across all levels as you grow your organization? Are women represented enough and equally in your organization? If you’re looking for freelancers or outsourcing to an external company, do they match your organization’s values? Are they inclusive? Are there companies you can work with instead who are more aligned with your team culture? Having a clear idea of your mission and vision that you can refer back to will help you as you expand. Read from source….