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Five (new) goals for Kentucky’s last month

Ah, February. The time of year when Kentucky gets hot, John Calipari *figures it out,* and we look up at the calendar and realize with delight that March, the greatest month of all, is right around the corner. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!

But what happens when it doesn’t work out that way? When the season has been so, so bad that no amount of *figuring it out* can build a resume worthy of inclusion on the second Sunday of March? What are we–the spoiled fans that we are–supposed to do?

Well, there’s always the option to stop caring what happens. But if you’re reading this, then you’re probably like me, and that means that was never an option. So the only thing left to do is… well, figure it out. Knowing everything we know now, it’s time we laid out some new goals for the next month.

Kentucky has set a lot of new lows this year. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of that. But the lowest of lows, the one we’ve dreaded in disbelief all season, has yet to be made official: Finishing a season under .500. It hasn’t happened since 1989, in Eddie Sutton’s last year, when the Cats finished mired in scandal at 13-19. Before that, you ask? It hadn’t happened since 1927. NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN!

As of today, UK’s .316 “winning” percentage would easily be the worst since that ’27 season, which was the only one for Wildcat legend Basil “Not the Bourbon” Hayden at the helm (the team finished 3-13 in the Southern Conference).

Thankfully, the year’s not over yet. And as Brent pointed out earlier, UK’s schedule these last few weeks is a far sight in difficulty from the gauntlet that was January. With five or six games left in the regular season, combined with as many as four in the SEC Tournament and whatever lies beyond, going +7 to return to .500 before it’s all said and done is not out of the question. So that’s goal No. 1.

Maybe it’s naïve, but after seeing the way the ‘Cats had Tennessee on the ropes for 30 minutes last week while getting next to nothing from B.J. Boston and Davion Mintz, I see no reason why Kentucky can’t hand the Vols a loss in Knoxville next weekend. Of course, I also see no reason why they couldn’t go down and get their tails whooped again. But for no particular reason, I’m feeling optimistic today. Read from source….