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NY Jets: 3 reasons to be wary of a Deshaun Watson trade

The 2020 NFL season has concluded and the NY Jets have one of, if not the most wide-open quarterback void to fill this offseason of any team in the league. And to this day, it is far from clear who the Jets’ quarterback will be in 2021.

Will it remain Sam Darnold? Darnold is my guy as those of you who know me already have come to learn this season in my first stint at The Jet Press.

Once they won their first game against the Los Angeles Rams and indirectly lost the No. 1 pick to Jacksonville, I came on here and posed to you a question about what to do moving forward with the presumed No. 2 pick instead of the top bill.

Now that they were out of the Trevor Lawrence running, it would come down to a battle of Darnold vs. either Justin Fields out of Ohio State or to which I warned you Fields was far from a finished product, and maybe keeping Darnold wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

Then the Sugar Bowl happened and Justin Fields was beyond brilliant, and even more importantly, “resilient” in beating down a Clemson team who beat him down the previous year in a similar spot.

The same Clemson team with the consensus No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence captaining them who also had a coach nonchalantly call out the Buckeyes.

From there, without a new coach yet, the Jets job looked certain to be Fields’ and I did not blame the Jets one bit for potentially going that route gung-ho 100 percent.

Fields is a project, but if they were to pair him with a terrific quarterback-savvy/offensive-minded coach like a Brian Daboll or even his own Ryan Day from Ohio State, Fields would be in great shape as too would be the Jets moving forward.

Then the Jets hired Robert Saleh, going the complete opposite way they had been going the past couple of seasons with Adam Gase.

And all of a sudden, the tone started to shift away from potentially a rebuilding team that would almost certainly start over at quarterback to a defensively-driven team that a veteran quarterback could fit nicely into.

At the same time, avenues started to open with Deshaun Watson not being happy with the Texans. Zach Wilson out of BYU also started to gain some momentum in his draft stock.

Trevor Lawrence underwent shoulder surgery. The Detroit Lions were heavily shopping Matthew Stafford. And even the Seahawks floated the idea of trading Russell Wilson.

With the exception of Stafford who is now in Los Angeles with the Rams, at this very moment, the board is wide open as to who exactly is going to be the Jets’ quarterback next year.

They can go back to Sam Darnold. They can take Justin Fields or Zach Wilson in the draft. Watson or Wilson could find themselves on the chopping block as full trade chips.

I wouldn’t even put it past Urban Meyer to try and outthink the room and pass on Trevor Lawrence after his lackluster Sugar Bowl showing and shoulder surgery — gifting him to the Jets of course, which would be fantastic for this franchise.

For some strange reason, it just feels to me like Meyer is going to do something crazy with the No. 1 pick.

But regardless, the biggest name on the market right now is Deshaun Watson and the Jets have been rumored to be a team the 25-year-old finds very desirable. He likes Robert Saleh and he’s aching to get out of a very dysfunctional Houston Texans organization.

Now, this is where I might lose a lot of you.

I think the Jets need to be very careful in jumping into a relationship with Deshaun Watson and I’m not particularly feeling him being a Jet. Read from source….