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Interest in Warriors’ No. 2 pick ‘fluctuating,’ Myers says

Warriors general manager and president of basketball operations Bob Myers said Wednesday that Golden State hasn’t had any concrete discussions with other teams about trading the No. 2 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Myers characterized league-wide interest in the Warriors’ selection as “fluctuating,” with intense conversations more likely to happen to closer to the draft than now.

“I think the concrete stuff comes next week,” Myers told reporters on a video conference call. ” ‘What would you do with your pick?’ ‘I don’t know, what do you want for it, or what would you give us for it?’ But we haven’t had a lot of firm, ‘We’ll give you X, Y, Z.’

“So it’s hard to really say. A team might be calling and have a completely different idea of the value of the pick than we do, and it’s up to them to make a proposal. We could certainly do that, too, but at this point in time it’s all talking around the issue, and that’s usually how it goes until it gets closer.”

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The Warriors are in an advantageous position holding such a high pick, particularly in a year lacking a clear-cut top prospect. Many front offices reportedly expect point guard LaMelo Ball to be taken No. 1 overall, but there’s no consensus as there was with Zion Williamson last year. Georgia guard Anthony Edwards and Memphis big man James Wiseman would be options for the Minnesota Timberwolves or whichever team ultimately holds the top selection. Read from source….