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FSU football: 5 takeaways from huge ‘Noles win over North Carolina

FSU football had an opportunity to show they are moving in the right direction and upset No. 5 UNC. Here are my five takeaways from the win.

I wrote on Twitter months ago the Tarheel offense wasn’t elite like most thought, an inspired effort from the FSU football defense proved just that.

The Noles held the Tarheels scoreless until their final possession in the first half, only to survive a second-half where the FSU offense didn’t contribute any points.

The game seemed like it was going to take a familiar script from last season with the Noles would open huge first-half leads, only to collapse in the second half.

FSU led 31-7 and halftime and missed a field goal on their opening possession, which seemed to be the catalyst for what all FSU football fear. Read from source….