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Experts: Trump’s New Michigan Lawsuit Is Recycled Junk

President Donald Trump’s campaign filed a new lawsuit in federal court in Michigan in an attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s win—but experts say it won’t get much farther than a Chevy Vega.

The filing follows a string of legal losses for Team Trump as it falsely claims the election was stolen. One of the campaign’s law firms withdrew this week from a lawsuit filed in Arizona amid growing public outrage.

The Trump team, whose previous brief in the Rust Belt battleground got thrown out by the state Court of Claims last week, filed the new action in federal court for the Western District of Michigan on Wednesday morning.

The 350-page complaint and appended affidavits rehash a litany of a grievances familiar not only from the last case, but also from legal actions the campaign has lodged in multiple states with little success.

In picayune detail, it alleges that the campaign’s official observers—called “challengers” in Michigan—did not have sufficient access to the count, were mistreated by elections employees, witnessed the addition of new names to voter rolls during the tabulation, and believed for unclear reasons that certain ballots had been tampered with or counted twice.

“I talked with several of these independent lawyers/law students at length in casual, friendly conversation,” reads one statement. “Based upon their answers to basic questions about the news it was evident that EVERY single one of the lawyers/law students that I talked to was ideologically far-left, supporting things like CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle and condoning the crime skyrocketing around the country or wanting to work in Brooklyn because they support ‘progressive’ changes to law to ‘not prosecute rioters,’ etc. Yet, they all claimed to be independent.”

The campaign’s lawyers did not reply to a request for comment. Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, tweeted Tuesday night that the suit would be sufficient to capsize Biden’s 146,000-vote lead in Michigan and reinstall Trump in the White House next year. Read from source….