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Gamzu in Kafr Kara: Considering closing PA territory to Arab-Israelis

Gamzu visited Barta’a, a village divided between Israel and the Palestinina Authority, and Kafr Kara, which is located not far from Haifa in northern Israel.

Gamzu said there is too much interchange between Arab-Israelis and the Palestinian-controlled territories, which are also plagued with high infection rates. He said that in the coming days he expects that Israeli citizens will be banned from entering areas A and B, as the rate of infection in Arab-Israeli society continues to spike and is higher than in the rest of the country.

“We will consider closing the crossings if there is no other solution,” he said during his visit to Kafr Kara.

Ayman Saif – the head of the fight against the coronavirus in the Arab sector – said that 6% of Arab-Israelis screened for coronavirus test positive, compared to 2% in the rest of society. Almost all red authorities in Israel are Arab. Read from source….