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Aspirin to be tested in UK as potential coronavirus treatment

Thousands of coronavirus patients in Britain will be given aspirin as part of a trial to determine whether the painkiller can reduce the risk of dangerous blood clots.

The cheap and widely available drug has been added to a list of potential treatments to be tested as part of the Randomised Evaluation of Covid-19 therapy (Recovery) trial, one of the biggest in Britain.

People infected with coronavirus seem to have hyper-reactive platelets, the cell fragments that help stop bleeding, which means that they are at higher risk of potentially deadly blood clots, scientists say.

Experts hope that aspirin, an anti-platelet agent which is commonly used as a blood thinner, can reduce the possibility of clotting complications.

“Aspirin is widely used to prevent blood clots in many other conditions, including heart attack, stroke, and pre-eclampsia in pregnant women,” said Prof Martin Landray, co-chief investigator of the trial. Read from source….