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Ted Cruz under fire after Texas winter storm ‘photo op’ shows him handing out water to residents

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was pictured on Saturday handing out bottled water to residents who are experiencing a shortage due to the winter storm, but the moment was criticised as a “photo op” for the Republican.

Mr Cruz shared the pictures on his Twitter account while writing “#TexasStrong”. In the pictures, he was seen loading packages of bottled water into residents’ vehicles. But he did not reveal where the pictures were taken.

It comes after the senator was heavily criticised for travelling to Cancun, Mexico, on Wednesday with his family as many Texans were without electricity and running water.

Following the backlash, Mr Cruz travelled back to Texas on Thursday afternoon and admitted that the trip was a “mistake”.

“It was obviously a mistake, and in hindsight I wouldn’t have done it,” he told reporters.

Likely in an effort to redeem himself in the eyes of voters, Mr Cruz then decided to assist residents by handing out water to them.

Millions of Texans were currently facing a food and water shortage due to the winter storm that brought frigid temperatures and snow to the state. The freezing temperatures burst pipes and low water pressure has made the tap water unsafe to drink for some residents.

Mr Cruz faced criticism for the pictures he shared because many residents saw them as staged instead of genuine effort for him to help his constituents. Read from source….