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‘This is a war zone’: Migrants wounded falling from Trump’s border wall being sent back to Mexico without medical help

A pastor who runs shelters in Mexico at the US border, has accused American border patrol agents of sending injured migrants back without providing them medical support, calling it a “new low” for the country.

Pastor Rosalio Sosa, who runs a network of migrant shelters at US-Mexico border, told Dallas News a shelter in Palomas gets about seven injured migrants per week and the situation there looks like that of a “war zone,” with number of injured piling up.

“This has become a war zone, with war injuries and no resources,” Ms Sosa was quoted as saying in the report. “But governments need to know that deserts, rivers, walls are no match for hunger.”

The “big, beautiful wall” built under former president Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign to stop the influx of illegal immigrants and drugs over the border is leading to crippling injuries to migrants attempting to cross the border amid worsening situation in the home country.

The migrants from Mexico, trying to flee the country amid political unrest and economic fallout, have alleged that they are being “dumped” back in “Mexico like garbage” without border security force providing them medical help, a claim that has been denied by the border patrol agency.

Pedro Gomez, who attempted to flee Guatemala in January, said his ankles were broken after falling from the wall and he had to crawl to the US border agent’s vehicle.

“I couldn’t even get up, so I crawled inside the migra [US Border patrol] vehicle”, Mr Gomez said, adding: “they dumped us in Mexico like garbage, a piece of trash.”

In response to the migrants and pastor questioning the ill-treatment, the border patrol agency released a statement rejecting the claims. It said the agents regularly encountered injured migrants and administered medical aid to those hurt. Read from source….