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US executes man convicted of raping Texas teenager and burying her alive

A man who kidnapped and raped a teenager before burying her alive has been executed by lethal injection in Indiana.

Orlando Hall, 49, was put to death at a federal prison in Terre Haute, about 76 miles west of Indianapolis, shortly before midnight on Thursday.

In the moments before his execution, Hall said he was “ok” before a prison official read out his convictions.

Delivering his final words, Hall said: “Take care of yourselves. Tell my kids I love them.”

He stopped breathing soon after and was pronounced dead by a medical official.

Hall becomes the eighth prisoner to be executed in 2020 following an almost two-decades-long pause.

He was one of five men convicted for the abduction and killing of Lisa Rene in 1994.

Federal court documents said Hall was a marijuana trafficker in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, who would sometimes buy his drugs in the Dallas area.

He arrived in Dallas on 24 September 1994, met two men at a car wash and gave them $4,700 with the expectation they would return later with the marijuana. The two men were Rene’s brothers.

Instead, the men claimed their car and the money were stolen in a robbery. Hall and accomplices figured out they were lying and were able to track down the address of the brothers’ apartment in Arlington, Texas.

When Hall and three other men arrived at the apartment, the brothers weren’t there. Lisa Rene was home, alone.

“They’re trying to break down my door! Hurry up!” the victim told a 911 dispatcher. A muffled scream was heard seconds later, with a man saying, “Who you on the phone with?” The line then went dead.

Retired Arlington detective John Stanton Sr said the men smashed a sliding glass door to get inside and immediately took off with Rene.

Police arrived within minutes but the men, and Rene, were already gone, said Stanton.

The men drove to a motel in Pine Bluff. Rene was repeatedly sexually assaulted during the drive and at the motel over the next two days.

On 26 September, Hall and two other men drove Rene to Byrd Lake Natural Area in Pine Bluff, her eyes covered by a mask. Read from source….