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OnlyFans to Pinterest: Inside Rebecca Minkoff’s multi-pronged strategy to drive NYFW buzz

Rebecca Minkoff isn’t resting on her laurels this New York Fashion Week. She’s one of two designers who will be hosting a physical show on the roof of Spring Studios, on Tuesday, which will be shared via livestreams on TikTok and Instagram, as well as the CFDA’s Runway360 platform. Plus, she’s using the event to debut new partnerships with Klarna and Verizon, and to launch her brand on several new platforms, from OnlyFans to Pinterest.

Minkoff said that some of the new partnerships, including with OnlyFans, were planned well in advance, while others, like with Verizon’s Yahoo Ryot Labs that’s centered on an AR program, came together within the last week. Rebecca Minkoff has come to rely on the coverage and attention that NYFW brings, having participated in the event since 2009. And Minkoff has a reputation for introducing innovative concepts during fashion week, like when she launched see-now, buy-now in 2016. But with NYFW being on a smaller scale this season, she’s relying on a plethora of digital launches to make comparable waves.

“It’s definitely been a lot of work to launch all of this so close together,” Minkoff said. “We added two new people to the social team to make sure we can cover it all. I’ve been telling our team at every launch and at the show to just film everything, record everything, take pictures constantly. If we don’t end up using a video for YouTube, maybe it can go on Instagram. Or if a post doesn’t work on Instagram, it can go to subscribers on OnlyFans. That’s how we divide and conquer.”

Rebecca Minkoff’s OnlyFans account, which launched on Friday, offers her fans free access to behind-the-scenes photos, videos and outtakes from Minkoff’s YouTube videos. They have the option to pay $5-$25 to participate in an hour-long conversation with Minkoff and access other exclusive content. Minkoff said she approached the OnlyFans team with more than 800 pieces of content, including photos and videos. OnlyFans gave her guidance on what kinds of material performs and works best on platform. Minkoff said that OnlyFans, which is most commonly known as a platform for sex workers to share images and videos, wants to recruit more creators in other areas like fashion. OnlyFans’ users increased more than 300% to more than 100 million in 2020. Notable content creators in a wide spectrum of fields have recently joined the platform, including Michael B. Jordan and Cardi B.

On Sunday, Pinterest launched a robust new fashion week campaign on its platform featuring exclusive images and videos from designers including Anna Sui, Candice Cuoco and Minkoff. Minkoff said she knows her customer is a heavy Pinterest user, as some pins related to her brand have seen more than 1 million views. As a result, she wants to forge a more personal connection with Pinterest users. She hopes that the fashion week push and a new focus on how-tos and tutorials will do that. Pinterest will be promoting all NYFW coverage on the Today Tab on its homepage. Read from source….