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Justin Bieber’s ‘Australian Pants’ Might Start 2021’s Biggest Men’s Fashion Trend

Some male celebrities are real fashion bellwethers – think Kanye West or Harry Styles.

Justin Bieber is not so consistent. The Canadian popstar has a constantly-evolving wardrobe and personal style, which usually follows trends instead of kicking them off. It’s captivating to watch, but not always in a positive sense: sometimes he’ll debut outfits that are so impeccably stylish that we’re surprised he doesn’t just give up music entirely and focus on modelling, like this ‘softboi’ outfit or this workwear-heavy ensemble…

But then the very next day, he’ll step out in something truly atrocious like Crocs – ‘the footwear contraceptive for men’ – or weird colour choices and combinations that make him look like an eight-year-old who’s dressed themselves for the first time. Read from source….