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Nicky Hilton Talks Nostalgic 2000s Fashion Trends & French Sole Shoes

Nicky Hilton is one of the few style icons whose outfits have become synonymous with an era. The socialite was a major fashion fixture in the early 2000s; she and her older sister Paris are responsible for many of the decade’s trends that are now experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. (Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits, for instance, are considered vintage these days.)

Considering her sartorial influence, it’s no wonder Hilton is flexing her skills as a shoe designer. She just dropped her Fall 2020 collection with French Sole, marking her third seasonal offering with the iconic footwear brand. There are 11 versatile styles, including a variety of chic and comfy ballet flats, suede and velvet loafers, and heels that Hilton says are her “absolute favorite” for the upcoming holiday season.

“I have been a customer of French Sole since high school,” Hilton tells Bustle. “They always made the prettiest ballet flats. I knew if we joined forces we could make some really cool shoes.” Read from source….