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‘Gorilla Glue girl’ Tessica Brown returns home, wears sweatshirt with own face on it

“Gorilla Glue girl” Tessica Brown wants to stick around in the public eye.

New photos show the mom of five has returned from her hair-saving surgery to Louisiana — where she’s trying to flog a line of clothing to cash in on her viral infamy.

Brown went viral on TikTok when she revealed how her hair was stuck together solid for a month after she used the extra-strong glue because she ran out of her usual hair product, Got2b Glued.

Snaps from Saturday show a casually dressed Brown, 40, strolling in her hometown of Violet after returning from getting her glued locks freed by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Brown kept her now-famous hair covered — but her face clear to see in a cartoon of herself covering her white sweatshirt.

It’s an image she hopes will stick — as she is now offering similar images on a line of official merchandise online.

There are $28 T-shirts, $50 sweatshirts and $45 sweatpants — making it $123 to get a full outfit cementing her viral fame.

The clothing range includes outfits with a photo from her TikTok videos of her holding her then-locked solid hair — and the words, “Bonded for life.” Other items feature a cartoon drawing of her holding up a can of “heavy duty spray adhesive” with the words, “Stiff where ma hair?”

Brown launched the line with posts on social media, saying, “Feeling blessed” — and is already making a “small fortune,” according to TMZ. Read from source….