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Robin Thicke Talks Growing Out of ‘Bad Routines’ Following the Success of ‘Blurred Lines’ & What the Song Mean

“For me, it wasn’t until I actually went to Malibu, slowed down, focused on my son, and then my father passed and I focused on having more kids and more of a family and taking my time with the writing, because I was writing so much, but nothing was really saying anything that mattered to me as a whole, as a whole,” he continued. “Bits and pieces. Then I just kind of started to realize that I always wanted to be an artist’s artist, a singer-songwriter, and all I cared about was my catalog, was the songs. Then I got into all this other stuff that you just get caught up in, man. Then I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy. I had bad routines, and I lost myself. Then, even worse, I lost the music. I lost my trust and my confidence in my own music. So that didn’t come back totally until Andre passed.”

“Bad routines. Bad habits,” he added. “The parties, what happens is every night is a performance and a dinner and a party. Then you’re onto the next city, and it’s a performance and a dinner and a party. Then you get caught up in it. Then you end up with some personal struggles with your marriage or things like that. For me, it was like 20 great years, and then fame hit at the worst time and throw it all into a melting pot. I was the wrong guy for the job.” Read from source….