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‘A Teacher’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 Premiere — FX on Hulu

• FX on Hulu’s A Teacher Releases New Trailer, Plus PSA About Sexual Assault
• A Teacher Review: FX on Hulu’s Taboo ‘Romance’ Is More Icky Than Insightful

A Teacher started an inappropriate student-teacher relationship with Tuesday’s debut of the FX on Hulu drama — but did the series pass or fail with you?

Before you chime in with your thoughts, a brief recap of the first episode: Kate Mara (House of Cards) stars as Claire Wilson, an AP English teacher on her first day at a new school in 2013. It’s made very clear that Claire is the “hot” teacher and different than the stereotypical idea what of an instructor should be. For starters, she shoplifts a lipstick from the store. When her husband Matt (Succession‘s Ashley Zukerman) asks her why she did it, Claire laughs it off and doesn’t really offer him an explanation beyond it’s just one lipstick, and she spends so much money at that store. “It’s a little weird,” her hubby notes. Read from source….