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Mark Cuban: This kind of pitch ‘always’ results in ‘the best deal’ on ‘Shark Tank’

For billionaire investor Mark Cuban, the “best deals” on ABC’s “Shark Tank” happen when entrepreneurs pitch a unique product that he hadn’t thought of creating himself.

“There’s some 12-year-old kids somewhere coming up with an idea to do things in a way that we never would have envisioned,” Cuban said during a Q&A session at the George W. Bush Center on Oct. 21.

When “that 12-year-old comes up with an idea, on ‘Shark Tank’ or anywhere,” and presents, “I think to myself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?'” he said. “Those are always the best deals.”

The Sharks have often invested in innovative pitches from young entrepreneurs on the show.

For example, Cuban invested $100,000 in Simple Sugars, a skincare company created by Lani Lazzari, on season four of the show. He was impressed with her product, and together, they built Simple Sugars into a multimillion-dollar company. Read from source….