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Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Season 6, Episode 2 — Welcome to the Club

In Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead, Strand did what Virginia believed was impossible, in so doing earning himself a reward that looked an awful lot like a punishment. Read on, and I’ll explain why.

‘YOU AND I ARE NEVER GONNA CLEAN ANOTHER LATRINE AGAIN’ | As “Welcome to the Club” began, a group of prisoners in numbered jumpers was led into a sugar-processing plant and tasked by Ginny’s Rangers — at gunpoint, natch — to dispatch the horde of walkers trapped behind a door. All of them — the survivors, that is, not the walkers — had disobeyed Virginia and therefore deserved to be in the grave; this, the head baddie explained, was their chance to dig themselves out. But the door jammed, molasses oozed out, and one by one, the Rangers and the prisoners all got dragged to their sugary deaths, all except for prisoner No. 41, Sanjay. After the opening credits rolled, Strand and Alicia, apparently on latrine duty outside of Lawton (Fear’s answer to Woodbury?), got into it with Ranger Marcus — to the point that Virginia’s teenage sister Dakota (new cast member Zoe Colletti) was moved to intervene on their behalf.

Of course, Strand and Alicia still landed in hot water, so they were ushered into Virginia’s office, where they interrupted the haircut that she was receiving from Daniel, who… whaaat? Didn’t recognize his friends at all. “His memory’s like a card catalog,” Ginny explained, “but the cards are all mixed up” since he tried too hard to keep Skidmark with him, and things got ugly. (Not my Skidmark! Ginny, you bastard!) As for the duo’s punishment, Virginia was going to send them “somewhere that better suits your natural talents” — in other words, the sugar-processing plant. Before they were driven there, Strand expressed his pity for Daniel. “You told me to remember who I was in here,” said Victor. “You can’t even do the same.” In response, the barber gave Strand his St. Christopher medal to ease the heavy burden that he seemed to be carrying. Read from source….