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‘Supermarket Sweep’ ABC Revival Premiere — Reviews, Recap

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ABC this Sunday night revived Supermarket Sweep, hosted by SNL vet Leslie Jones. Did the latest version of the popular game show ring your register?

In keeping with at least the most recent versions of the show (I don’t remember that far back, kids), Supermarket Swayyyyyyyp! takes three teams of two contestants, plies them with grocery-themed quizzes/challenges through which they can add seconds to their “clock,” and then sets them loose on a Big Sweep through a supermarket. (Based on the total seconds each team accumulated, their Big Sweep start times are staggered — meaning, among other things, the first pair out of the gate gets first crack at the priciest items. If they know what they are doing.)

To refresh my memory of #BeforeTimes, after watching one episode of ABC’s revival I cued up a 1994 episode hosted by David Ruprecht in one of his famously loud sweaters. And while that edition and the new one are clearly identical in structure, here are some of the differences that stood out to me:

* Now, each team chooses a “name” (e.g. Team Sugar) that they have to explain. (Speaking of which, as with many a primetime game show these days, the casting department here is aiming for Over. The. Top.)

* Before, the in-game quizzes were often based on product name scrambles using the most basic of on-screen graphics. Now, you also get very contemporary challenges, such as identifying a product based on its dating app profile. There’s also a logo identification game which leaves Jones to deliver such scintillating play-by-play as “OK, there’s a yellow circle….” Read from source….