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‘Hubie Halloween’ Cameo Cost News Anchor Her Job

Adam Sandler’s latest film Hubie Halloween dropped on Netflix on Oct. 7 and it’s already killing it in the viewership department.

After the success of Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston, Netflix extended Sandler’s deal for four more movies. His flicks are uber popular on the streamer and tend to attract A-list talent and surprise cameos in the cast lineup. However, a local news anchor just lost her job after appearing in the film.

Set in Salem, Massachusetts, Hubie Halloween uses its first 15 minutes to introduce Sandler’s character and the town’s quirky holiday spirit.

In those first scenes, a short news broadcast from a fictitious Boston news station comes on the TV screen. Three anchors for “Channel 4’s Wake Up Boston” are dressed as Harley Quinn.

Real-life anchor Alaina Pinto appeared as one of the newscasters—Erin—who donned Harley Quinn makeup and hair. Pinto’s character is seated behind the desk and joshes her colleagues about wearing the same costume, but she didn’t curse or make lewd gestures. It was only for a few seconds and it’s impacted Pinto’s career.

On Oct. 15, Pinto posted a series of tweets indicating that she was fired from WHDH Channel 7 in Boston for her role in the movie. However, she’s not a disgruntled employee. Pinto acknowledged that she filmed a small cameo last year for Hubie Halloween and inadvertently breached her work contract with WHDH. Read from source….