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UPDATE: SK Innovation EV Batteries Banned* For 10 Years By U.S. ITC

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) announced today a verdict in the court clash between two South Korean EV battery manufacturers: LG Chem and SK Innovation.

UPDATE: SK Innovation issued the following statement after the ITC issued its ruling in LG/SK EV battery case:

“SK Innovation will immediately enter into discussions with our customers, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen, as a result of the ITC’s decision. We have serious concerns about the commercial and operational implications of this decision for the future of our EV-battery facility in Commerce, Georgia, which is expected to employ 2,600 people when soon completed. We also believe that the ITC ruling could have a serious adverse impact on President Biden’s policies to combat climate change and expand the electrification of the US auto fleet in coming years. We look forward to having detailed discussions with Biden administration officials charged with reviewing the ITC’s ruling and carrying out the President’s policies related to electric vehicles and the environment.”

The case started in Spring 2019, when LG Chem sued SK Innovation over alleged theft of commercial secrets. SK Innovation defends itself, but in the end, the ITC sided with LG Chem. Read from source….