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Cramer calls on U.S. to build factories to address chip shortage, unemployment

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Wednesday that the United States should fund the development of a chipmaking compound in efforts to address both the nation’s high unemployment rate and a chip shortage that’s affecting American businesses.

More and more companies, including carmakers like Ford and General Motors, have recently sounded the alarm about the global supply of components, leading them to reduce the production of their own products.

Meanwhile, the U.S. labor market with a 6.3% unemployment rate is struggling to gain traction climbing out of the coronavirus-induced recession.

“We need more chips and we need more jobs,” Cramer said on “Mad Money.” “Why not kill two birds with one stone? It’s time for our government to invest in building the biggest and best complex of semiconductor foundries … in the world.”

Automobiles are becoming increasingly more technologized, which requires silicon chips for things like power steering, brake sensors and entertainment devices. The scarcity of supply has forced GM and Ford to shut down factories, delaying delivery of new cars. GM warned the disruption could impact its 2021 goals.

Demand for chips, which are also used in products like televisions, game consoles and computers, has soared during the pandemic as Americans transitioned to remote work and learning environments. Cramer also pinned the blame on globalization, which allowed companies to outsource manufacturing to giants like Taiwan Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics in Asia. Read from source….