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Tesla starts exporting Model 3 from Gigafactory Shanghai

It appears that Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai has started exporting its locally-made Model 3 to Europe. In September 2020, the all-electric car maker began preparations in Giga Shanghai to produce Model 3 vehicles optimized for export in Asia and the European region.

Tesla’s plans to export the China-made Model 3 from its Shanghai facility were slated to begin in the fourth quarter and the EV automaker seems to have started exporting the Model 3 right on schedule.

According to Greendrive, a customer in Europe was the first to confirm that Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 exports had officially started. The said customer ordered a Model 3 SR+ with a stock hitch and noticed that his invoice stated “Model 3 – China.”

The future Model 3 owner double-checked the invoice for more clues. His Model 3’s VIN also seemed to support that it would be coming from Gigafactory Shanghai. The VIN read “LRW-XXXXXLCXXX.” The “L” stood for the year his Model 3 would be made and the “C” stood for the country it was coming from, which in this case stood for “China.”

Indications that Tesla was already sending its China-made vehicles to other countries emerged when longtime drone-operator Wu Wa conducted a flyover of Gigafactory Berlin. As could be seen in his footage, the massive facility’s holding lots were filled with Model 3s that had protective wraps. Read from source….